Fat distribution and removal

Why does fat gather at some areas rather than others?

Picture of Fat Storage Cell

There are hormonal and genetic reasons why fat is distributed in certain areas more than others.

  • Females tend to store fat around their hips, thighs and bottoms in the first instance.
  • Males tend to put it on their bellies and sides (love handles).

Some people then have other “problem areas” that may run in families - ie: fat under the chin, at the knee, under the arm (“bingo wings”) or above the bra straps. All of these areas can be treated with Laser Lipolysis.

How can we get rid of fat?

When we lose weight, we empty fat out of fat cells - but do not get rid of the fat cells themselves. We cannot get rid of fat cells without a medical procedure (see below). For losing weight and for decreasing all of the fat stores, dieting or sensible eating and exercise cannot be beaten.

Picture of Fat Storage Cells

However, when it comes to removing the fat cells themselves, this can only be done by a medical procedure. In the past, doctors had to cut the fat away at surgery.

However this left very big scars and so Liposuction was developed - where fat was literally “sucked” out through tubes - often leaving some scars, irregular contours and bruising.

Many of these problems have been addressed with Laser Lipolysis.


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